About Freshcode

about-usFreshcode offers our customer a revolutionary type of fresh juice using the latest High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. The taste, texture, aroma, colour and most importantly nutrients of fruit juice can be retained using this technology.

HPP is the latest pasteurizing technology using high pressure. The pressure can reach 6000 bar which is as high as 3 elephants standing on a 20 cents coin! HPP is able to get rid of the harmful bacteria as to make sure the food is safe and hygienic to consume. The most unique part is the whole process is operating under low temperature so that the nutritional value can be preserved and the original nutrients as well as the colour, taste and aroma of the food can be retained. Food going through HPP technology does not require artificial additive, it enabling us to enjoy our food with its natural taste!

With HPP, the “freshness” of Freshcode has a brand new definition! We will not trade the health of our customers by using artificial addictive or colours. We offer our customers with healthy, safe and hygiene as well as tasty fruit juices in a convenience way. After strict examination and analysis, it is found that 90% of nutrients is retained in HPP juice, making it more nutritious, safer and more hygienic compared to fresh peel and squeeze juice.

At Freshcode, we make sure our fruits are selected from the best orchards. Once the fruits been harvested, they will be extracted into juice not later than six hours. The juice will be pasteurized using HPP technology where more than 90% of microbes been eliminated. HPP juice is well kept under –18°C frozen warehouse and be delivered using reefer chain all the way to Malaysia. The whole process is free from preservative!

At Freshcode, all our juices will carry a specific healthy code. For instance, Berry Blast 6836 means a cup of Berry Blast contains 68 pieces of berries and it has 36 benefited nutrients to human body.

Our HPP juice is without preservative, artificial colour or flavor, it is truly pure & natural.