Freshcode’s advantages


Freshcode is the only juice bar which is able to serve fresh juices all over the world all year round. For example: Freshcode can supply citrus juice, fresh pomegranate juice, fresh lychee juice as well as loquat, goji, mangosteen, cranberry and other juices to follow. In other words, Freshcode can provide any kind of fruit juices a customer can think of! Freshcode has overcome the crop seasons of fruits and therefore, our customers are able to enjoy best quality fresh juices at any time.


  • Product safety

No matter how we wash the fruits, they still have bacteria, furthermore fresh squeezed juice may contain pathogens. At Freshcode, all the products are HPP processed and they have been strictly tested before selling . Moreover, all our suppliers are internationally certified brands producing 100% safe and healthy juices.

All the import product hold international certificate.



  • The nutritional value of the product

We select only full-grown fruits with nutritional value at its best. With HPP tecnology, the original taste and aroma of juices is fully retained. Therefore at Freshcode, customers are able to enjoy a cup of tasty and nutrient-rich fruit juice


  • Streamline product operation, saving manpower cost

Just thaw the fruit juice and with 2 to 3 simple steps, a cup of fresh juice is done. Fresh juice can be served in the shortest time, customers do not need to wait for long.