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Detox Package

Look no further to access a healthier life! Convenient yet astonishingly beneficial to the body, the freshcode juices Family Pack is your ticket to vitality for you and your loved ones. Simply quench your thirst by following our highly recommended 7-days juice program as follows, and your stomach will feel lighten and relieved! 

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Our detox package comes with 7 different juice, 1st 6 days is for detox, the last day is to provide protein/vitamins after detox, which can choose from your choice of different flavour as below: (a) Lychee (b) Mix Berries (c) Durian

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How to drink:

1 day 1 pack divided by 3 times (estimate 333ml each time). Drink before breakfast, lunch, dinner. Eat light meal during detox. Remember to do some exercise/sweating to maximum the result.

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Just defrost and drink. Its so easy!