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Kids & Parents Juice Package

How often do your little ones cry out for fast foods such as greasy burgers, salth fries, and sugary sodas? How many times do you find yourself giving in to them because you couldn’t think of healthier althenatives that the kids would happily go for? Food that are readily available today are often loaded with pesticides, artificial preservatives, and addictive flavour-enchancers. Left unchecked, young appetites will opt for junk food, thereby sustaining an unhealthy habit that is hard to resist without parental guidance. The FRESHCODE solution: Concerned parents can set good dietary examples and encourage their children to drink nutritious juices with them.

FRESHCODE understands that the hectic and demanding life of adults hampers their ability to prepare all their children’s daytime meals while keeping it varied enough to keep them interested. Kindergardens and schools themselves rarely provide any more than basic chocolate and milk tea beverages that aren’t nutritionally sufficient.

For This reason, FRESHCODE’s Juice Pack comes in easily-thawed packs with real fruit juices that the young ones will love and enjoy and are perfect for a complete and healthy breakfast and lunch accompaniment.

Getting much-needed vegetables in your child’s diet can also be quite a challenge, and the chlorophyll contained in greens is one of the most effective nutrients in a child’s physical and mental development. FRESHCODE’s answer to this is the Green Miracle Vegetable Juice for a More kid-friendly and scrumptious way of ingesting those crucial veggies. This chlorophyll-rice mixture is infused with plum and great for infants below the age of 1 years as their bodies aren’t ready for an omnivorous diet.

For best results, FRESHCODE recommends serving up 150-250ml of Juice Pack and Green Miracle daily for a week. Juices can be diluted with water to ensure the little ones keep drinking fluids and stay hydrated. Be aware that excessive juice intake can cause diarhea, and kids should only drink fruit juices one hour before and after milk.

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