7 Days Detox Package with Berries

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7 Days Detox Package with Berries


Detox Package (Mix Berries)
1.  Green Miracle(Mix Veggies Juice) x 1
2.  High Fiber Pineapple x 1
3.  Passion Fruit x 1
4.  Soursop x 1
5.  Tropical Mix x 1
6.  Mango x 1
7.  Mix Berries x 1

Product Description

7 days detox program is a detox program which is 100% natural and free from food additives and preservatives which can effectively clean up your stomach with a natural and soft way.

To detox your body, drink 1 packs per day divided by 3 times (breakfast, lunch & dinner) before meal. It is recommend to detox your body every 1~2 months depends on the conditions of your body. The 1st 6 days is juice for detox which the last day juice is to provide antioxidant to the body.


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