Silver Detox Package

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Silver Detox Package


Silver Package
1.  Green Miracle(Mix Veggies Juice) x 1
2.  Tropical Mix x 1
3.  Mix Berry x 1
4.  Watermelon x 1
5.  High Fiber Pineapple x 1
6.  Carrot  x1
7.  Mango x 1
8.  Soursop x 1
9.  Pomegranate x 1

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Product Description

Silver Detox Package is a 3 week detox program. Pomegranate is add in at the package to controls blood pressure and reduce cholesterol which is good for elderly, and Mix Berry contains large amounts of antioxidants which protects body organs such as eyes, brain, and skin.

How to drink: 1 week 3 packs (1 pack can drink 2 days), 3 weeks = 9 packs.


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