Q & A

What is Freshcode?

At Freshcode, we offer juice – such as Pineapple Family Pack Juice (Freshcode 0618) – that carries a specific healthy code. By squeezing 6-medium-sized pineapple fruit, you may get 1 bag of high fiber pineapple juice. And of course, pineapple contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, both of which nourish the body

What is Freshcode Juice?

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is an advanced technology that removes bacteria from the juice while it retains the fruit’s natural nutrients. This process uses high pressure and low temperature to kill bacteria.
Our juice making process:
Harvest fruit (within 6 hours) –> Squeeze juice and vacuum pack –>HPP –> Frozen–> Deliver.
Fresh juice made from freshly harvested fruit applies to the raw fruit.
To provide the best juice at an affordable price, we produce the juice during crop season: the best period.

Why do I need to patronize Freshcode?

At Freshcode, all our juices carry a specific healthy code. For instance, Berry Blast 6836 – a cup of BerryBlast – contains 68 pieces of berries. And it nourishes the body with about 36 nutrients. Our HPP juice does not contain preservative, artificial color, or artificial flavor; in other words, it is PURE and NATURAL.

Where do the products come from?

Because our factory is a transit center for HPP products, all our juices or products are imported from Vietnam. However, we import a number of juices from other countries: we import Berry from U.S., banana from Costa Rica, and Lychee & Mango from Taiwan.

How can I detox my system naturally?

Many people go for colon hydrotherapy, or use medication or detoxing method without knowing that there are better alternatives. In fact, “toxins” include a number of anti-health substances produced from
our body or from our environment.
Using a detoxification program, we have designed high fiber juice to detoxify your digestive system. With some exercise (15-25mins of Sauna), the juice will assist you to reduce excessive weight. After the detox program, you can maintain your digestive system with soursp, mango, and pineapple juice. Also, we do not add sugar to our juice. More importantly, remember to drink the juice before every meal.

How to use the pack? How to drink the juice?

Our Detox package comes with 7 types of juice, and each pack is 1000ml.
Before every meal (Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner), drink 300-330ml of the juice.
You should take the 7 different juices in 7 days, because each juice has its unique functions.
DAY 1 GREEN MIRRACLE: Provide high fiber.
DAY 2 HIGH FIBER PINEAPPLE: Provide high fiber.
DAY 3 PASSION JUICE: Provide high fiber.
DAY 4 SOURSOP JUICE: Provide vitamin C and prevent cancerous compound.
DAY 5 TROPICANA JUICE: Provide multi-vitamin & enzyme.
DAY 6 MANGO JUICE: Provide high fiber.
Because the product is frozen juice, you can preserve it for 8 months under frozen storage. Properly sealed, the product or package can be stored in a chiller for 7days. After cutting each pack, you should consume the juice within 2 days.

How do you deliver the products?

For Klang Valley, Melaka, and Johor Bahru, we arrange direct delivery to customers.

For other locations, we implore you to collect the products from Skynet Station.

Our objective is to deliver the products to you within 24 hours. To maintain the freshness of fruit juice, we use HPP to overcome the barrier of delivering fresh juice.

Should I drink a lot of water?

You don’t need to drink a lot of water. Just drink about 7 – 8 cups of water daily.

Should I avoid eating some food? What food should I refrain from during detox?

Do not eat fried food such as curry noodles, fried chicken, and fried KwayTeow. Also, do not drink coffee.

After drinking the juice, can I still eat any food?

We recommend that you take light meal. But do not abstain from eating. If you are feeling heavy after drinking the juice, you may decide not to eat any food for a while.

Can pregnant women drink the juice?

Yes, they can drink the juice, but they should not use it to detox.

I just delivered a baby; may I drink the detox package?

You can join the detox program after 6 months of giving birth.

Can kids drink the juice?

1 – 6-year-old kids should not take more than 350ml daily while kids above 6 years can take the recommended dosage for adults.

Any other package after detox program?

After this package, you may buy 1-month package, which contains 8 packs of juice for 4 weeks. We have customized this 8-pack juice for you, and we implore you tell us what juice is effective for your body.

What reactions would I get during the detox period?

You would have slight aches in your stomach. To palliate that, do some exercise.

Is the juice liquid or powder?

The family pack is frozen. After defrost, it is liquid.

Any side effects after taking the juice?

No side effect, because it is a natural juice.