Freshcode Vision

Since opening in 2012, FRESHCODE continues to improve on the taste of our products as to suit our local tastes and demands. We try to add some refreshments into our product list (e.g. croissants sandwich, dessert, fruit cake, fruit tart). We will upgrade our Sorbet range with toppings as to enhance the mouth feel. We will complete our main menu in due course and to establish a juice bar cencentrating on the HPP juices!
– New fresh juice series products were introduced in mid-May, we received a good respond from customer. There are more is coming up in 2013.


The Plan of expanding outlet :

  • To open two branches in 2015, one in the business districtand the other in the shopping mall.
  • We expect to develop join venture business in 2015 and to explore new shop model. Our target is 10 to 15 stores in shopping mall and commercial area.
  • In the second half of 2015, we prepare to enter the Singapore market, looking for business partners as well as store locations
  • We expect to have our new store in Singapore in 2015, we will look for store in the shopping malls near the MRT stations and our target is working adults mainly ladies customers.
  • In 2015, we plan to open stores at Malaysia’s new MRT stations as these are worth investment hot points.